Sunday, July 16, 2017

Remembering Dr. Dawid GOLDREICH and his wife and daughter

Today  I was looking through two Polish medical directories for the years 1936 and 1938 on  the incredible website 

For Lubaczow , for both 1936 and 1938, I found Dr. Dawid Goldreich who in 1938 lived on Rynek 8. He was born in 1893, and had finished his medical studies in 1926.

Was he married? Did he have children?
Had he  escaped Europe in time?

From Yad Vashem's website I learnt that he, as a Jewish physician, had to fill in a questionnaire to the Germans during the period 1940 and 1942. He was then living in Rynek 5 (mistake for 8?) in Lubaczow, he was married, and his wife's maiden name was Stein.

A Page of Testimony submitted in 1957 by Dawid Goldreich's brother Shmuel Goldreich  shows that Dawid Goldreich was born in Turka, was married to Ester nee Stein  and they had one child - a daughter named Halina - born around 1930, and that they were murdered in Lubaczow in 1943.

Pages of Testimony submitted by Bluma (Pess or Pass?) nee Stein, the sister-in-law of Dr. Dawid Goldreich, show that Ester Erna Stein Goldreich was born in Rymanow in 1906 and  that their daughter Lusa was born in Sanok in 1932 and that the three of them had been murdered in Holocaust.

In a Dziennik Urzedowy number 2 for the year 1928,  Dr. Dawid GOLDREICH is listed as a medical doctor in Sanok. (Published by the Jagiellionian Digital Library).

Dr. Dawid Goldreich, 
his wife Ester Erna Goldreich nee Stein 
and their daughter Halina Lusa Goldreich.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Simche and Laja Gärtel / Gaertel

On October 6th 1915 many persons died in Lubaczow, among them Laja Gärtel nee Kresen. She was born around 1855, the daughter of Moses Josef and Freida Kresen. She had been married to Simche Gärtel. So far I have not located her grave.
The text in Hebrew would include
לאה בת משה יוסף

What happened to her husband Simche after her death?
I did not find his name in the death register for Lubaczow that included December 1938, and I found no Page of Testimony for him, though a grandniece had submitted Pages for three of this couple's children:
Awrum who lived in Rawa Ruska
Golda who lived in Jaroslaw
Nesia married GLANZER who lived in Krakow.

So when and where did Simche die?
Lately the Jewish Historical Institute in Warszawa has put online more than 60000 digitalized documents. Among these are Kennkarten (Identity Cards) issued by the Germans in Krakow in 1940.

On August 5th 1940 a Kennkarte was issued for Simche Gärtel, born in September 1855 in Lubaczow, a widower. Each Kennkarte has the identities of two witnesses. One of the witnesses here is Nesia Eidel GLANZER living at the same address as Simche Gärtel.

From this we understand that the 85 year old widower was living with his daughter and her family in Krakow and that he was alive on August 5th 1940.

Did he die of natural causes?
Did lack of food and medicines shorten his life?
Was he murdered?

Looking at his face, I wonder what his thoughts were, when this photo was taken.

His daughter Nesia, then 37 years old, what was she thinking?

Nesia was married to Chaim Glanzer, a Melamed, a teacher of Hebrew and Judaism, 47 years old in 1940.

I am not able to find out if they had any children, but they are both listed as Holocaust victims.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Jewish Russian Soldier: Arje PRICKER

Some questions relating to soldiers who fell in 
World War One in Lubaczow:

1. Where did the German Army bury their soldiers who 
    fell in that war around Lubaczow? 
    Perhaps in one of the bigger towns, like Przemysl?
    Perhaps behind the local hospital where they buried German 
    soldiers in WWII? 

2. Where did the Russian Army bury their fallen soldiers 
    from the Lubaczow area in that war?

3. Then the mystery, based on the information in the
    Death Register: Why was the Jewish Russian soldier 
    Arje PRICKER buried at the Jewish cemetery?
    Who was he? Where did he come from?
    His death date is noted as Oct 6th 1915. 
    This would be Tishrei 28th or 29th 5676.
    The Jewish community in Lubaczow must have taken 
    an active role in the burial of Arje PRICKER.
    It is also important to note that 50 of the Jews
    of Lubaczow had died on that same day. 
    Did they all die from warfare or from an epidemic?
    Checking for the family name PRICKER in Alexander
    Beider's books about family names in the Kingdom
    of Poland and in the Russian Empire, I found none.

    Checking Pages of Testimony, I wondered if 
    the family name could be PRICKER with the 
    pronunciation PRITZKER. 

   Going back to Alexander Beider and his "Dictionary of 
   Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire" I then found  
    that the family name PRITSKER was found in Kanev, 
    Uman, common in Vasil'kov and Kiev and that it 
    originates from the village  Pritski in the Kanev d.

    A very wild guess:
    A Page of Testimony was submitted in 1986, in Russian,
    for Mulia born 1915 in Kiev, the son of Malka
    and Leib (could be Arje), and Mulia's son Romele born 1941.
    Mulia's wife was Etel nee Shapira. Etel does not have
    a Page of Testimony. Mulia and Romele were murdered
    at Babi Yaar, according to the Pages submitted.

    I can not read Russian but the family name has 
    been transcribed like this in Latin and Hebrew letters
    From my limited Polish I know that C can be pronounced
    TZ, like in Calel Tzalel Bezalel.

    Could Arje  PRICKER (/ PRITZKER?) have been a young 
    soldier from Kiev, married to Malka, the father of a son 
    named Mulia (Shmuel) who was born in 1915, the same 
    year Arje PRICKER fell in the war ?

    Kosha Pakman directed me to

     No PRICKER there.

    To my understanding that database only covers
    "Polish" gubernias, so if, f.ex.,  Arje PRICKER was from Kiev,
     he would not be included.
    If you read Russian, perhaps you could check the scanned
    images for fallen Jewish soldiers from Kiev on the
    Russian State Library's website?

    Perhaps we can solve the mystery.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lubaczow Business directory 1929, T - Z

TAUBE S. Drzewny przemysl Wood industry
TELL M. Owocarnie Fruit
TEMER R. Blawaty Fabrics
TEMER F. Rozne towary General store
TEPPER J. Rozne towary General store
THUMIN S. Drukarnie Printer
TISSER S. Budowjane materjale Building Material
TRUSZCZAK St. Rozne towary General store

WACHNIANIN J. Kowale Blacksmith
WALDER N. Rozne towary General store
                     Nuchim WALDER who died at the age of 69 in 1937?
                     He was married to Mirla.
                     This is the grave of Nuchim Walder:
WALZER M. Blawaty Fabrics
                    Majer WALZER?
WEBER H. Rozne towary General store
                   Hersch WEBER?
WEINERT K. Kominiarze Chimney-sweep
WEISSBERG B. Szczotkarze Brushmaker
                     Berl WEISSBERG?
WIENER B. Blawaty Fabrics
WIESER H. Rozne towary General store
WINTER S. Piekarnie Baker
WISNIOWSKI J. Wedliny Meat
WOLKENFELD M. Kuchezine naczynia Kitchen articles
                   Mojzesz Moses WOLKENFELD?
WOLKENFELD M. Szklo I porcelana Glass and porcelene
                  Mojzesz  Moses WOLKENFELD?
WURZEL M. Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store

ZAJAC M.  Dr. Lekarze MD
ZATYJ Fr. Stolarze Carpenter
ZATYJ M. Stolarze Carpenter
ZIEGELHEIM F. Rozne towary General store
ZIMERMAN M. Rolnicze narzedzia. Agricultural tools
                           Mendel ZIMERMANN?
ZIMERMAN M. Zelazo Iron
                             Mendel ZIMERMANN?
ZIMERMANN J. Stolarze Carpenter
                            A Page of Testimony was submitted for the carpenter
                            Josef Jakob ZIMERMANN.
ZIMERMANN K. Stolarze Carpenter
                           A Page of Testimony was submitted for the carpenter
                           Kalman ZIMERMANN.
ZIMERMANN S. Zegarmistrze Watchmaker
                           A Page of Testimony was submitted by the watchmaker
                          Shabtai Schabsa ZIMERMANN.
ZIMERMANN Ch. Zelazo Iron
                          Chaim ZIMERMANN?
ZUK D. Kolodzieje Wheeler

Lubaczow Business Directory 1929, O - S

OSTERMAN Joz. Dr. Adwokat Lawyer
OSTERMANN L. Ubespieczeniowe biuro Insurance agents
                  Arie Leib OSTERMANN?

PASIERBIWIECZ Antoni Burmistra Mayor

RAMRAZ M. Rozne towary General store
                  Malka RAMRAZ?
RATOWSKI J. Malarze Painter
REBHUN Ch. Cukierki - fabr. Sugar Plant
REBHUN Ch. Owocarnie Fruit
REBHUN M. Piwo Beer
               Could this be Markus REBHUN who died in 1938?
REBHUN M. Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store
                Could this be Markus REBHUN who died in 1938?
REFSINGER J. Kowale Blacksmith
REINFELD P. Krawcy Tailor
REINFELD H. Rzeznicy Butcher
REINFELD S. Rzeznicy Butcher
REINFELD Sz. Rzeznicy Butcher
REINFELD W. Rzeznicy Butcher
RETTIG M. Lakiernicy Varnisher
                 Moses RETTIG?
RETTIG R. Rozne towary General store
RICHTER A. Zelazo Iron
RIEGER J. Blacharze
                Jakob RIEGER?
RIEGER I. Rozne towary General store
                 Izak RIEGER?
RISS M. Owocarnie Fruit
                Markus RISS?
RISS Sch. Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store
RITTEL I. Introligatorzy Bookbinder
ROSENBACH C. Rozne towary General store
ROTH B. Rozne towary General store
             Berisch ROTH?
ROTTER M. Stolarze Carpenter
              Moses ROTTER?
ROTTER E. Technicy dentystyceni Dental technician
RUBIN   Spirytucija Alcohol

SALANDER Fr. Akuszerki Midwife
SALANDER M. Frysjersy Barber/Hairdresser
SANDBANK L. Shory Leather
SATZ S. Rzeznicy Butcher
SCHAECHTER L. Odpadki Waste
SCHEINDLING L. Restauracje Restaurant
SCHEPPER M. Rozne towary General store
SCHICKLER I. Nafta Petroleum
SCHICKLER I. Shory Leather
SCHMIEDT B. Rozne towary General store
SCHMUCKLER J. Krawcy Tailor
SCHMUCKLER M. Krawcy Tailor
SCHNAJDER J. Siodlorze Saddler
SCHNECK H. Galanterja Haberdashery
SCHNEIDER D. Krawcy Tailor
SCHNEIDER E. Krawcy Tailor
SCHNEIDER   Samochodowa komunikacja Transport firm with cars
SCHNEIDER A. Zboze Grain
SCHNICKLER M. Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store
SCHREIBER M. Budowjane materjale Building Material
SCHWARZ D. Kaszornie
SCHWARZ A. Rozne towary General store
SEMPEL M. Rozne towary General store
SILBER H. Piekarnie Baker
SILBERMAN B. Ubrania gotowo Ready made clothes
SILBERMANN B. Krawcy Tailor
SILBERMANN N. Krawcy Tailor
SILWA J. Wedliny Meat
SLIWINSKI A. Rozne towary General store
SOKAL M. Blawaty Fabrics
SOKOLSKI A. Frysjersy Barber/Hairdresser
SPECHT J. Fotograficsne zakl. Photo Studio
SPIELMAN S. Krawcy Tailor
SPIELMANN M. Krawcy Tailor
SPIRER M. Drozdze Yeast
STADFELD R. Blawaty Fabrics
STANKO Iw. Dr. Adwokat Lawyer
STEIN H. Dachowki - fabr. Roofs - factory
STERNBERG N. Rozne towary General store
STERNKIKER M. Krawcy Tailor
STERNLICHT S. Galanterja Haberdashery
STERNLICHT O. Kuchezine naczynia Kitchen articles
STOCKHAMER S. Blawaty Fabrics
STORCH M. Krawcy Tailor
STRASSBERG M. Blawaty Fabrics
STRZELECKI Bol. Lekarze weterynarji Veterinarian
SZAPIRO I. Technicy dentystyceni Dental technician
SZEINDLING L. Hotele Hotels
SZIKLER M. Drzewny przemysl Wood industry
SZNAJDER J. Tapicerzy Upholsterer
SZTERNLICHT M. Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lubaczow Business directory 1929, K - N

KALCHINSON B. Cukierki - fabr. Sugar Plant
KARTYGANER D. Rozne towary General store
                 Dawid KARTIGANER was married to Fradel KELCZ.
                 This couple and four of their children (Samuel, Zelda, Chaskel and Meszel)
                 are listed on Pages of  Testimony.
KATZ   Blawaty Fabrics
KATZ B. Opal Fuel for heating
                  Ber / Berl KATZ?
KATZ   Tartaki Sawmill
KATZ D. Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store
KELCZ M. Olejarnio Oils
                 Menachem Mendel KELCZ, listed on Page of Testimony?
KESSLER S. Rozne towary General store
KESSLER E. Shory Leather
                   According to a Page of Testimony, Ezriel KESSLER had a shop for leather.
KLEINER L. Krawcy Tailor
KNOPF Ch. Galanterja Haberdashery
                 Chaim KNOPF?.
KNOPF S. Galanterja Haberdashery
KNOPF R. Krawcy Tailor
KNOPF A. Rzeznicy Butcher
                   Abraham KNOPF?
                   Aron KNOPF?
KOENIG N. Blawaty Fabrics
KOENIG J. Kaszornie
                  Jakob KOENIG?
KOENIG M. Rolnicze narzedzia. Agricultural tools
KOENIG E. Zelazo Iron
                  Pages of Testimony for Eliasz Elijahu KOENIG, an iron  merchant , and his
                  wife Fradel BUCHMAN.
KONIG   Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store
KORB R. Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store
                 Could this be Rachel KORB nee ROSENBACH, the wife of Dawid Hersch KORB?
KORMANN N. Krawcy Tailor
                 A Page of Testimony was submitted by M. Lerer for Natan KORMANN, tailor, a                                  widower. Who had he married and when did she die?
KORNAGA M. Bednarze Cooper
KOSLOWSKI St. Apteki Pharmist
KOSTRYNSKA St. Akuszerki Midwife
KOZLOWSKI S. Drogerje Drugstore
KRAMERMAN G. Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store
                     This is probably Gerschon Gerszon  KRAMMERMAN who died in 1932.
                     He had been  married to  Pesia nee BRYNER, who had died in 1915.
KRAMERMANN J. Rozne towary General store
                     This may be Jakob Aron KRAMERMAN , married to Rachel.
                     They are listed on Pages of Testimony.
KRAMERMANN L. Rozne towary General store
                     This may be Leibusch KRAMERMAN, married to Milka.
                     There are Pages of Testimony  for Leibusch, but none for Milka.
KRUCZEK Sz.  Dr. Lekarze MD
KUPFERSCHMIDT Ch. Woda sodowa - fabr. Soda water factory
                     M. Lerer submitted Pages of Testimony for Chaim Wolf KUPFERSCHMIDT
                     and his wife Nesza nee IZRAEL.
                    M. Lerer submitted Pages of Testimony for Chaim Wolf KUPFERSCHMIDT
                    and his wife Nesza nee IZRAEL.
KUTSCHER E. Krawcy Tailor
                     M. Lerer submitted Pages of Testimony for Efraim and Keile Kajla KUTSCHER
                     Efraim is listed as a tailor.
KUTSCHER J. Krawcy Tailor
                      A relative submitted Pages of Testimony for Josef KUTSCHER, a tailor,
                      and his wife  Pepi nee KLIPEL. This family lived in Krakow before the war.
LANGER S. Rozne towary General store
LEMLER A. Krawcy Tailor
LEMPEL M. Rozne towary General store
                      Majer LEMPEL?
                      Moses LEMPEL?
                      Malka LEMPEL?
LISOWSKI J Bednarze Cooper
LOBHEIT M. Galanterja Haberdashery
                      The widow Marjem LOBHEIT is listed on a Page of Testimony
                       submitted by M. Lerer.
                       She had been married to Chaim Leib LOBHEIT who died in 1929.
                       According to the death registry.  Marjem LOBHEIT nee HASS,
                      died in 1931, 65 years  old.  My understanding of this is that
                      M. Lerer knew the husband had died, but did not know that
                      Marjem LOBHEIT had died.
LESZCZYNSKI Zygmunt Dr. Dyrekt. Szpital poeszech Hospital director
MAJERAN Ch. Galanterja Haberdashery
                    Possibly Chiel MAJERAN.
MAJERAN A. Rozne towary General store
MALACKI J. Ciesle Carpenter
MARKIEWICZ M. Kowale Blacksmith
MAZURKIEWICZ H. Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store
MEDER K. Nierogacizna - eksport Swines - export
MEDER L. Nierogacizna - handel Swines -commerce
MEDER W. Nierogacizna - handel Swines - commerce
MEDER F. Piwo Beer
MEDER L. Piwo Beer
MEDER Fr. Wedliny Meat
MEISTER S. Krawcy Tailor
              Could this be Selig MEISTER? There are no Pages of Testimony for him,
              so hopefully he and his family emigrated in time.
MELLER S. Galanterja Haberdashery
MICHALSKI P. Pogrzebowe przedsiebiors Funeral undertaker
MOHR Ign. Dr. Adwokat Lawyer
             Ignacy MOHR died in 1934 at the age of  59.
MOND S. Rozne towary General store
             Szprinze MOND? She had been married to Mendel MOND who had died in 1916.
             She herself died in Dec 1940 and has a gravestone.
MUDRECKI Sz. Restauracje Restaurant
MUDRECKI Sz. Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store
MUELLER M. Shory Leather
NADEL J. Rozne towary General store
                This may be Jakob NADEL listed as a merchant on the Page of Testimony
                submitted by  M. Lerer..
NUSSBAUM M. Rozne towary General store
               This may be Moses Hersz NUSSBAUM who was married to Priwe nee BELZ.

Lubaczow Business directory 1929, G - J

GABEL J. Kaszarnie
                Kosha Pakman thinks this might be Jakob GABEL, the brother of Kosha's
               grandfather  Abraham GABEL.
               Jakob GABEL was murdered in March 1942.
               The GABEL family was grain merchamts, trading in grain between
               Poland, the Ukraina and Russia.
GABEL A. Rolnicze art. Agricultural supplies
                Kosha Pakman wrote this may be Abraham GABEL who died in 1933
                at the age of 70, but it could possibly be Kosha's grandfather who
                was 33 years old in 1929.
                He knows the GABEL family also were selling agricultural supplies.
                The grave of Abraham GABEL who died in 1933:
GABEL A. Rozne towary General store
                 Could this be Abraham GABEL who died in 1933 at the age of 70?
                The grave of Abraham GABEL who died in 1933:
GABEL O. Szewzy Shoemaker
                      This is probably Ozjasz GABEL who had a shoe shop, according to
                      Page of Testimony  submitted by M. Lerer.
GACZOL I. Wedliny Meat
GAERTNER E. Zboze Grain
                    Could this be Elias GÄRTNER who died at the age of 60 in 1934?
GAMS F. Rozne towary General store
GAMS J. Rozne towary General store
GERSTENFELD R. Hotele Hotels
GERTEL J. Zboze Grain
GLEICH E. Dr. Adwokat Lawyer
GOLUCHOWSKI hr. A Mlyny Miller
GOLUCHOWSKI hr. Agenor Tartaki Sawmill
GORECKI Fr. Szewzy Shoemaker
GOTLIEB Ch. L. Blacharze
                        Could this be Chaim Leib GOTTLIEB who died in  1934, 91 years old?
GOTLIEB O. Blacharze
                       Is this the tinsmith Osias GOTLIEB, who M. Lerer submitted a Page
                       of Testimony for?
GOTLIEB J. Ksiegarnie Book store
GOTLIEB S. Rozne towary General store
                        Could this be Scheindla GOTTLIEB who died in 1938, 69 years old?
GOTTLIEB H. Blawaty Fabrics
GOTTLIEB R. Olejarnio Oils
GRAFF D. Shory Leather
                  M. Lerer submitted a Page of Testimony for Dawid GRAF, a leather merchant,
                 married to Rachel/
GROSSMAN H. Blawaty Fabrics
GROSSMAN H. Piekarnie Baker
GRUSZKIEWICZ Oo. Olejarnio Oils
HAAS O. Rozne towary General store
HALPERN B. Kuchezine naczynia Kitchen articles
HALPERN O. Rozne towary General store
HALPERN D. Shory Leather
HANDWERKER M. Dachowki - fabr. Roofs - factory
HASS A. Introligatorzy Bookbinder
                  Abraham HASS?
HELLER Ch. Blawaty Fabrics
                        Theory: Chaim HELLER died in 1921, 68 years old.
                        His wife Feiga HELLER nee KATZ died in 1930, age 75.
                        Could Feiga (and their children?) have continued the business after 1921?
HERCBERG B. Kieski swierzece
HERCBERG M. Mleczarskie saklady Milk shop
HERZBERG A. Blawaty Fabrics
                       Could this be Aharon HERZBERG, married to Frida  nee FEDER,
                      who are both listed  on Pages of Terstimony?
HERZBERG M. Hotele Hotels
HERZBERG E. Krawcy Tailor
                       This is probably Efroim HERZBERG, married to Chaja Sara.
                       He is listed on  several  Pages of Testimony.
HERZBERG A. Rozne towary General store
HERZBERG J. Rozne towary General store
                       Could this be Josef HERZBERG, a merchant, married to Gitel,
                        both listed on Pages of  Testimony?
HERZBERG S. Woda sodowa - fabr. Soda water factory
HERZBERG E. Wyszynk trunkow Liquor store
HERZBERG J. Zelazo Iron
HERZBERG S. Rozne towary General store
HIRSCHEL L. Krawcy Tailor
HOFFMAN I. Krawcy Tailor
                    Izak HOFFMAN?
INGLOT Wlad. Komendant Strat ogniowa Policemaster
JAKUBCZAK Fr.   Dr. Lekarze MD
JAMNICKI J. Bednarze Cooper
JANKLEWICZ   Powrosnicy Ropemaker
JAWORSKI L. Ogrodnicze zaklady Garden shop